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La gran apuesta (The Big Short) aborda un tema serio y complicado con una impresionante atención al detalle, y se las arregla para ofrecer una acusación bien actuada y mordazmente divertida de sus villanos de la vida real.

En 2008, el gurú de Wall Street Michael Burry se da cuenta de que una serie de préstamos hipotecarios de alto riesgo están en peligro de impago. Burry apuesta contra el mercado inmobiliario invirtiendo más de 1.000 millones de dólares de sus inversores en permutas de riesgo de crédito. Sus acciones atraen la atención del banquero Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling), el especialista en fondos de cobertura Mark Baum (Steve Carell) y otros oportunistas codiciosos. Juntos, estos hombres hacen una fortuna aprovechando al máximo el inminente colapso económico de Estados Unidos.

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Synopsis: The Maclean brothers, Norman (Craig Sheffer) and Paul (Pitt), sons of a Presbyterian pastor (Tom Skerrit), live in a town among the forests of Montana. The two are very different. Norman is responsible, introverted and in love. Paul, on the other hand, is more extroverted, leads a crazier life and makes his living as a journalist. Both will be marked by their father’s strict upbringing, the rugged nature around them and fly fishing.

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Synopsis: Jesse James (Brad Pitt) is the charismatic leader of a gang of thieves. Among his men is Robert Ford (Casey Affleck), who has a genuine reverence for his boss. As Jesse plans his next big heist, he declares war on his enemies, who are intent on reaping the rewards – and the glory – of hunting him down. However, the most important threat to his life may be among the people he trusts.

Synopsis: Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) may have been a baseball star in his youth, but nowadays he walks his passions and frustrations as the manager of the Oakland Athletics. When he loses his best players for lack of money, he decides to hire Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), a graduate in economic statistics who will apply mathematical patterns to put together a new team.

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This is the premise with which the Goyas present the third feature film by Bellame, who previously directed the fiction features El tinte de la fama (2008) and El rumor de las piedras (2011). It stars Claudia Rojas, Christian González and Erick Palacios.

The adaptation is the work of Bellame and the author of the novel, who was then making his debut as a screenwriter.  “An adaptation is more difficult,” Bellame acknowledges. “Cinema uses a type of tools that literature doesn’t have and, in turn, literature uses tools that cinema can’t expose. Sometimes it was him [Sánchez Rugeles], sometimes it was me who wanted to keep exact things from the novel. I was very surprised by the renunciations he was capable of making to the original work. As a rule says: to adapt a book, you have to read it and then throw it away.

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